Three Lakes Golf Course

 Three Lakes Golf Course - Golf Washington

 Holes: 18


Phone: 509-663-5448

GW Notes:  I haven’t played Three Lakes Golf Course, but been there a few times to drop off magazines and grab a road dog. I can tell you that the location is beautiful along the shores of the Mighty Columbia River, and the course looks worthy, at least from the parking lot with lunch in hand. Here’s what they say: “Located in Central Washington four miles from Wenatchee, overlooking the Columbia River to the East, and bordered by the Cascade Mountains to the West. Three Lakes Golf Club is dedicated to serving our members and guests by providing an affordable, rewarding, high quality golf experience.” You all are on your own regarding course conditioning, But like I said, based only on looks and location, Three Lakes GC course seems worth a play. Your thoughts & comments are welcome below.



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