The Golf Club at Redmond Ridge

 The Golf Club at Redmond Ridge - Golf Washington

 Holes: 18


Phone: 425-863-1510

GW Notes:  The Golf Club at Redmond Ridge is one of the better tracks in the greater Seattle area. I’ve played it just once but would definitely go again. The layout offers a nice variety between holes. I remember constantly having to decide the best way to play most holes. Aggressive play from the tees can be rewarded, however crooked aggression is generally punitive. That is to say that risk-reward is a thought that permeates Redmond Ridge. So, for the over-thinkers among us, Redmond Ridge can be more of a mental test than physical. Anyway, it’s a fun play and the overall conditioning is good. No concerns there. And as a cherry on top of the sundae, some pretty spectacular views can be had on clear days. Amenities are what is expected with the pro shop and restaurant being exceptional. If you haven’t yet played the Golf Club at Redmond Ridge, go tee it up. Comments on the course are welcome below.



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