Suntides Golf Course

 Suntides Golf Course - Goof Washington

 Holes: 18


Phone: 509-966-9065

GW Notes:  Good news kids, I’ve played Suntides Golf Course one time. And while the course was nice enough, it was the people I played with that made my day most enjoyable. One of our group was a softball teammate who to this day, had the worst slice I have ever witnessed. He literally had to aim at the middle of the fairway, pond, whatever was located 100 yards left. Ironically, he ended up, more often than not, near our own fairway. Funny and amazing! And on top of the slice, he also was punished by gaining 5 animals in a single hole. Off the tee he hit a tree (woodpecker), skipped off the cart path (elephant) rolled thru a bunker (camel) and ended up in a pond (frog). And then of course he 3-putted once on the green (snake). The rules of the animal game are whoever ends up with most animals at the end of the round pays all who have fewer – Single most expensive hole for animals to which I’ve ever been privy. Like I said, a fun day! Anyway, you’ll all enjoy Suntides. Lots of variety and course conditioning is good. The price is right so it’s worth a play when in the Yakima area. If you’d like to comment on Suntides GC, please do so below.



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2 months ago
Best greens in central Washington
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