LakeLand Village Golf Course

 LakeLand Village Golf Course - Golf Washington

 Holes: 18

Plus:  9-Hole Executive


Phone: 360-275-6100

GW Notes:  I've played LakeLand Village, unfortunately just once. I say unfortunately because after the bludgeoning I took on my first trip around, I wanted to play it again to exact my revenge. Course knowledge is worth a bunch of strokes on this tree lined, white stake infested layout. Accuracy is a premium at LakeLand Village as errant shots (left, right, and sometimes long) often require a drop, if not a reload. Offsetting the aggravation of penalty strokes are the well-manicured conditions and wilderness scenery. Nice days feature the Olympic Mountains and Mt. Rainier as part of the backdrop. I've not played the 9-hole executive course, but it sounds more laidback and less crowded. An aqua driving range and snack bar complete with adult beverages (of which you'll probably need:-) are part of the experience. Just because the course beat me up, I still recommend it as a worthwhile play. Just try and keep your ball between the bushes. If you get that done, you'll enjoy your day on the course. Your thoughts are welcome in our comments below.



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