High Cedars GC

 high cedars golf club - Golf Washington

 Holes: 18

Plus: 9-Hole Executive


Phone: 360-893-3171

GW Notes:  I've not yet played High Cedars Golf Club, so I'll let them sell themselves: "Located in the Orting Valley of the Pacific Northwest, the course is encompassed by awe-inspiring views of Mount Rainier and the calming sounds of the beautiful Puyallup River. High Cedars’ well-manicured fairways, greens, and tees further establish a serene experience among the lush greenery and towering trees. High Cedars is destined to provide each golfer with an experience tailored to his or her liking. The club provides two courses, the Championship 18-hole course and the Executive 9-hole course. Depending on each golfer’s skill level and time flexibility, the two differing courses provide a challenging, enjoyable, and always rewarding experience of golf." I can't vouch for any of their claims, but it sure sounds worth playing. Anyone with knowledge of High Cedars is encouraged to leave comments below.


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