Fairway Village GC

 Fairway Village Golf Course - Golf Washington

 Holes: 9

Phone: 360-254-9325


GW Notes:  I've not played Fairway Village Golf Course, so I'll let their website propaganda make their case: "Fairway Village has the reputation of one of the best wet weather courses in the area. It's a beautiful and well-maintained 9-hole public facility that is frequently referred to as a "Hidden Gem" of Southwest Washington and Portland Golf Courses. Located just 5 minutes off Highway 14 and 164th Avenue in Vancouver, FVGC is easy to reach from anywhere in the metro area. FVGC is open and playable year-round, weather permitting." I don't know about the gem part, but based on the photos, it doesn't look at all hidden. It appears that certain errant shots could have you BBQing with a local homeowner. Oh well, it wouldn't be my first time:-) Since I can't personally speak to their claims, you are all on your own. Any feedback from those who have played Fairway Village would be useful. Drop your thoughts in the comments below.



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